Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District (PFSWCD) is pleased to announce the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation District’s 2022 Photo Contest.   The VASWCD is committed to conservation of natural resources through stewardship and education programs and we want to see it through your eyes.  For our 2022 Photo Contest, we’d like you to take photos that showcase “Conservation Moments”  Capture those vibrant moments and express what conservation looks like in your local community!


The contest is open from February 1 – August 1, 2022.   You can submit up to 10 photos and to do so you click on the submit your photos button below. All photographs must be taken within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Photographs taken outside the state of Virginia will be disqualified.


Buckingham County resident, Maggie Williams, won best overall photo and several honorable mentions for 2017.  She received an annual state park pass from VASWCD and $100 from PFSWCD.  The winning photos for 2017 were assembled into a 2018 Conservation Calendar which was  given to each contestant whose photos appeared in the calendar.   Prizes for 2021 will be announced.

Click on the button below to view the rules and to submit your photos.

The 2017 Photo Contest "What Does conservation Look Like to You?" has been judged and Buckingham County's Maggie Williams won for best overall photo.  She also had some honorable mentions.  

Best Overall Photo 

Play Yard Ladies - Honorable Mention

Nature Study - Honorable Mention

Ethereal Pollinator - Honorable Mention

Maggie won a one year pass to Virginia State Parks from Virginia Association of Soil Water Conservation Districts and $100 from Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District.  Congratulations Maggie!