What is the Condition of your Septic System?


The Peter Francisco Soil & Water Conservation District has available a septic assistance program for residents in the Slate River and Rock Island Creek Watersheds.  If any of the following conditions are present on your property, you may already have a problem…


  • Sewage surfacing over drain field

  • Sewage backs up in the house

  • Lush, green growth over drain field

  • Slow draining toilets or drains

  • Sewage odors

  • Ground wet or mushy underfoot

  • Tests showing the presence of bacteria in well water



What’s available? – The following septic practices are eligible for cost-share assistance:


  • Septic tank pump-out (Quarterly sign up & approval with limit of 20)

  • Septic system repair (includes incorporating wash water into septic system)

  • Septic system installation/replacement (New construction is not eligible)

  • Alternative on-site systems (Only when a conventional septic system is not possible)


What are the requirements?

  • Residence must be located in the Slate River or Rock Island Creek watersheds located in Buckingham County. Contact our office to determine if you live in an eligible watershed.

  • Applicant must be the homeowner. If you are a tenant having septic problems, your landlord must make the application for financial assistance.

  • Existing residential properties only — no new construction. Funding cannot be used for remodeling, expansion, or addition. Commercial properties, businesses, and houses of worship are not eligible.

  • NO WORK can be done on your septic system until your application is approved by the District. Wait for an approval letter before proceeding. All work, with the exception of pump outs, must be permitted and inspected by the health department.

  • If a problem is found during the pump-out, you may apply for additional financial assistance.

How do I apply?

  • Download application and a W-9 form here :                             

  • You can scan and email the completed forms to Sherry Ragland at, or you can mail them to our office: Peter Francisco SWCD, 16842 W. James Anderson Hwy. Buckingham, VA 23921.

  • Applications are presented for approval at monthly Board meetings (3rd Wednesday of each month). Please submit applications no later than the Monday before the Board meeting.

  • Project must be completed by the date stated in your approval letter. Contact the office if you would like to request a project extension.

Who do I contact if I have questions or want an application?


Sherry Ragland or Olivia Leatherwood

(434) 983-7923


16842 W James Anderson Highway
Buckingham, VA 23921-3120

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