2021 "Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities" Poster Contest


The District received 148 posters for the 2021 contest.  Click the button to the left to see a full list of winners and scroll below to see their artwork.

K-1 Cateogry, 1st Place,

Emma Oppert, Homeschool

 2nd & 3rd Category, 1st Place,

William Davis, Central Virginia Christian School

2nd & 3rd Category, 3rd Place

Ryker Saba, Homeschool

4th to 6th Category, 1st Place

Kinsley Baggett, Cumberland Middle School

2nd & 3rd Category, 2nd Place

Lewis Garrett, Homeschool

4th to 6th Category, 2nd Place

Hailey Frank, Cumberland Middle School

4th to 6th Category, 3rd Place

Rylan Edwards, Buckingham Middle School

4th to 6th Category, Honorable Mention

Karlee Capps, Cumberland Middle School

7th to 9th Category, 1st Place Winner

Kaylee Price, Buckingham High School

7th to 9th Category, 2nd Place

Lauren Webb, Buckingham High School

7th to 9th Category, Honorable Mention

Devin-Layne Lamonte, Buckingham Middle School

10th to 12th Category, 1st Place

Lillian McConkey, Cumberland High School

10th to 12th Category, 2nd Place

Callie Dominick, Cumberland High School

10th to 12th Category, 3rd Place

Kristen Caleb, Cumberland High School

10th to 12th Honorable Mention,

Gabrid Benardo, Cumberland High School


The District received 25 posters for the 2020 contest   "Where would we BEE without Pollinators?" Here  is a list of winners and a photo of the first place poster in each category:

Lillian McConkey winning poster.jpg

Grand Prize for overall best poster at local level as well as winner at the state level and NATIONAL level for the 10-12 Category - Lillian McConkey, Cumberland High School. Check out this article in THE FARMVILLE HERALD:  


Justin Perkins, 1st Place 2nd & 3rd Grade Category

Buckingham County Elementary School

4-6 Category, Ryan Edwards Buckingham El

Rylan Edwards, 1st Place, 4-6 Grade

Buckingham County Elementary School

7-9 Category, Sydney Oliver, Buckingham

Sydney Oliver, 1st Place 7 to 9th Grade Category

Buckingham County High School


Lakayla Swann, 1st Place 10th to 12th Grade Category

Buckingham County High School

2019 Poster Contest

The District Received 63 posters for the 2019 "Life in the Soil:  Dig Deeper" Contest.  Winning Posters can be seen below and a complete list of winners can be seen by clicking on this button : 

Lydia Waycaters, K _ CVCS, 12st place fo
Collin Snoddy, 3rd Grade BCES, 1st Place

Lydia Waycaster - 1st Place                        K-1st Grade Category          

Central Virginia Christian School                         

Collin Snoddy, 1st Place                                       2nd-3rd Grade Category                         Buckingham County Elementary School                           

Moriah Leonard-Winfree, Grace 6, BCMS, f

Moriah Leonard-Winfree, 1st Place              4-6 Grade Category

Buckingham County Middle School            

Lillian McConkey, CCHS, 9th Grade, 1st P

 Lillian McConkey, 1st Place                    7-9 Grade Category               

Cumberland County High School                         

Hannah Davis, BCHS, 12th Grade, 1st Plac

Hannah Davis, 1st Place, 10-12 Grade Category                                                             

Buckingham County High School                                    

2018 poster contest

The District received 50 posters for the 2018 contest.  Staff from Buckingham and Cumberland Virginia Cooperative Extension served as judges.   A complete list of winners is available by clicking on this link:  

K-1 Winner Willaim Davis, CVCS.jpg
2nd - 3rd Winner, Evan Shumaker, CCVS.JP
4th-6th Winner, Natalie Sullivan, CCMS_e
William Davis, K-1st                   Evan Shumaker, 2nd-3rd            Natalie Sullivan, 4th-6th
    Buckingham                                    Buckingham                                  Cumberland
7th-9th Winner, Grace Dunkum, BCHS_edite
10-12 Winner, Katyia Brown, CCHS.jpg
       Grace Dunkum  7th-9th                   Katyia Brown, 10th-`12th
               Buckingham                                         Cumberland                                              

7th to 9th Category, 3rd Place

Andrew Dorrier, Buckingham High School