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2022 "Healthy Soil, Healthy Life" Poster Contest

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The 2022 Contest has been judged and winning artwork is shown below.  We received some fantastic posters and judging was fierce as you can see by the ties for first place.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a poster.  Thanks to all the teachers who promoted the contest.  Thanks to our judges:  Linda Eanes and Amber Taylor (Cumberland Cooperative Extension), Ruth Wallace (Buckingham Cooperative Extension) and Vertie Mae Jamerson (Peter Francisco SWCD Associate Director)

1st Place K-1 Matalyn Hall - CVCS.jpg

Matalyn Hall, 1st Place K-1 Cateogry

Central Virginia Christian School

2nd Place K-1 Ivan Davis, BCPS_edited.jpg

Price Davis, 2nd Place K-1 Cateogory

Buckingham Primary School

1st Place 4-6 Jeremiah Miller - BCMS.jpg

Jeremiah Miller, 1st Place (Tie) Grade 4-6 Category, Buckingham Middle School

Tie 1st Place 4-6 - Brilynn Houchens - BCMS_edited.jpg

Brilynn Houchens, 1st Place (Tie) Grade 4-6 Category, Buckingham Middle School

2nd Place 4-6 Kinsley Baggett - CCMS.jpg

Kinsley Baggett, 2nd Place Grade 4-6

Category, Cumberland Middle School

Chelsey Gregory wins first place at the state level for the digital category.  Click here to see the press release:  
1st Place 7-9 Ben Gilliam - BCHS.jpg

Ben Gilliam, 1st Place 7-9 Grade 

Category, Buckingham High School

2nd Place 7-9 Cadence Jones - BCHS_edited.jpg

Cadence Jones, 2nd Place 7-9 Grade Category,

Buckingham High School

3rd Place 7-9 Cassidy Ahart - BCHS_edited.jpg

Cassidy Ahart, 3rd Place Grade 7-9 Category,

Buckingham High School

Hon Mention 7-9 Piper Scialdo - BCHS.jpg

Piper Scialdo, Honorable Mention Grade 7-9 Category, Buckingham High School

Hon Mention 7-9 Alexandra Morris - BCHS.jpg

Alexandra Morris, Honorable Mention Grade 7-9 Category, Buckingham High School

1st Place 10-12 Lillian McConkey - CCHS.jpg

Lillian McConkey, 1st Place (Tie) Grade 10-12 Category, Cumberland High School

Tie 1st Place 10-12 Hannah Nuckols - CCHS_edited.jpg

Hannah Nuckols, 1st Place (Tie) Grade 10-12 Category, Cumberland High School

2nd Place 10-12 Levi Dayton - CCHS_edited.jpg

Levi Dayton, 2nd Place Grade 10-12 Category, 

Cumberland High School

1st Place Digital -Chelsey Gregory BCHS.jpg

Chelsey Gregory, 1st Place Digital Category, Buckingham High School

Callie Dominick Poster.png

Callie Dominick, 2nd Place Digital Category, Cumberland High School

2021 "Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities" Poster Contest

The District received 148 posters for the 2021 contest.  Click the button to the left to see a full list of winners and scroll below to see their artwork.


Congratulations to Lillian McConkey of Cumberland High School for winning the local, state and national level for the 10-12 category for the 2nd year in a row!  Lillian received $50 for winning at the local level, $100 for winning at the state level and $200 for winning at the national level.

K-1 Winning Poster - Emma Oppert, Homeschool.JPG

K-1 Cateogry, 1st Place,

Emma Oppert, Homeschool

2-3 Winning Poster - William Davis, CVCS_edited.jpg

 2nd & 3rd Category, 1st Place,

William Davis, Central Virginia Christian School

2-3 3rd Place, Ryker Saba, Homeschool.JPG
4-6 Winning Poster - Kinsley Baggett, CCMS_edited.jpg

2nd & 3rd Category, 3rd Place

Ryker Saba, Homeschool

4th to 6th Category, 1st Place

Kinsley Baggett, Cumberland Middle School

2-3 2nd Place Lewis Garrett, Homeschool.JPG

2nd & 3rd Category, 2nd Place

Lewis Garrett, Homeschool

4-6 Second Place, Hailey Frank, CCMS.JPG

4th to 6th Category, 2nd Place

Hailey Frank, Cumberland Middle School

4-6 3rd place, Rylan Edwards, BCMS.JPG

4th to 6th Category, 3rd Place

Rylan Edwards, Buckingham Middle School

4-6 Hon Mention, Karlee Capps, CCMS.JPG

4th to 6th Category, Honorable Mention

Karlee Capps, Cumberland Middle School

7-9 Winning Poster - Kaylee Price, BCHS_edited.jpg

7th to 9th Category, 1st Place Winner

Kaylee Price, Buckingham High School

7-9 2nd Place, Lauren Webb, BCHS.JPG

7th to 9th Category, 2nd Place

Lauren Webb, Buckingham High School

7-9 Hon Mention, Devin-Layne Lamonte, BCMS.JPG

7th to 9th Category, Honorable Mention

Devin-Layne Lamonte, Buckingham Middle School

10-12 Winning Poster - Lillian McConkey, CCHS_edited.jpg

10th to 12th Category, 1st Place

Lillian McConkey, Cumberland High School

10-12 2nd place, Callie Dominick, CCHS.JPG

10th to 12th Category, 2nd Place

Callie Dominick, Cumberland High School

7-9 3rd Place, Andrew Dorrier, BCHS.JPG

7th to 9th Category, 3rd Place

Andrew Dorrier, Buckingham High School

10-12 3rd Place, Kristen Caleb, CCHS.JPG

10th to 12th Category, 3rd Place

Kristen Caleb, Cumberland High School

10-12 Hon Mention, Gabrid Bernardo, CCHS.JPG

10th to 12th Honorable Mention,

Gabrid Benardo, Cumberland High School

Grand Prize for overall best poster at local level as well as winner at the state level and NATIONAL level for the 10-12 Category - Lillian McConkey, Cumberland High School. Check out this article in THE FARMVILLE HERALD:  

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